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Hexacomb is our manufacturer, thanks to whom we are able to build top of the line boxes and crates

HEXA Packaging and Supplies

                                             Taking Packaging to a Higher Level!  

It all started back in 2005 when a customer brought to us a heavy car battery to package and ship across the continent, when we realized that a heavy duty corrugated box and bubble wrap will not survive the shipping transit without damaging the item.
That’s when we build the first box with a Hexacomb liner.
Customer was impressed! So were we, then we started building boxes using Hexacomb and Foam liners.
We started with boxes for Flat Screen TV’s and Picture Frames
Today, we use Hexacomb liners in all our Custom Packaging.
For every item we customize packaging based on the shape and value using high quality materials and our engineering experience as well.

Hexacomb is a honeycomb shaped 100% recycled paper made in U. S. A. by PCA’s Hexacomb®  and has been in the market for many years used in many industries but not in packaging to ship variety size boxes.

Hexacomb is strong but lightweight; initially with a 35 psi, we asked our manufacturer to increase the strength to 60 psi, with this strength, we replace wood crates most of the time.

Its lightweight properties help reduce total packaging weight on shipping cost and handling. Our hexacomb made crates don’t require special treatment, (unlike wooden crates) for shipping international.

Our packaging is improving every day with every item.
We do custom packaging for individual items as well as line built boxes for businesses that ship computers or industrial items.
Most customers are referred to us by FedEx and UPS as well as customers that used our services before.

We are located in Southern California, Lake Forest, 92630 


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