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Our Products: Surface Protection > Floor Sweep - Absorbents

Floor Sweep - Absorbents

Floor Sweep - Absorbents
Sweeping Compounds
  • All purpose granular floor sweep abosrobent that soaks up spills fast
  • High density for maximum absorption and retention of liquid, what ever it abosrbs stays put!
  • Safe, sanitary, and heavy duty

SKU Short Desc Size Prices Qty
FS0201Hazard White Absorbent25 lb/Bag 11.9910.999.998.99
FS0202Diatomite Oil Absorbent25 lb/Bag 13.1912.1911.1910.19
FS0203#20 Red Oil Base
Heavy Duty
50 lb/Bag all quantites $16.79
FS0204All Purpose Absorbent 50 lb/Bag 14.3913.3912.3911.39
FS0205Wax Base Compound50 lb/Bag 35.9933.9931.9929.99
FS0206ABSOB IT (II) Industrial50 lb/Bag 11.9911.4910.9910.49
FS0207#20 Red Oil Base
Heavy Duty
100 lb/Bag 41.9939.9937.9935.99
FS0208#20 Red Oil Base
Heavy Duty
250 lb/Drum 107.99105.99103.99101.99
FS0209ABSORB-O-SOX Tubular Oil Absorb ProxSweeping Compounds 59.9954.9949.9944.99
FS0210Instazorb All Purpose10 lb/Bag 22.7921.7920.7919.79
FS0211Moltan Ultrsorb25 lb/Bag 10.7910.299.799.29