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Our Products: Shrink Film > I-Bar Sealers w/Film Stand

I-Bar Sealers w/Film Stand

I-Bar Sealers  w/Film Stand
  • Heavy Duty - Industrial Steel construction made for long life of continuous use
  • Long Lasting - Durable heat resistant silicone pads and heating elements are designed for long life
  • Film Choices - Use with center-fold shrink film (PVC, polyolefin, polypropylene, and polyethylene films.)
  • Smooth Dispensing - Precision support rollers guarantee smooth, wrinkle-free dispensing

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SKU Short Desc Size Prices Qty
HS0126I-Bar Sealer
w/Film Stand
12 INCH 311.00301.00291.00281.00
HS0127I-Bar Sealer
w/Film Stand
18 INCH 361.00351.00341.00331.00
HS0128I-Bar Sealer
w/Film Stand
24 INCH 411.00401.00391.00381.00
HS0129I-Bar Sealer
w/Film Stand
32 INCH 631.00611.00591.00571.00
HS0221Service Kit for 12" I-Bar Sealer12 INCH 18.0017.0016.0015.00
HS0222Service Kit for 18" I-Bar Sealer18 INCH 20.0019.0018.0017.00
HS0223Service Kit for 24" I-Bar Sealer24 INCH 21.0020.0019.0018.00
HS0224Service Kit for 32" I-Bar Sealer32 INCH 23.0022.0021.0020.00